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by youcantryreachingme
Sun Jan 06, 2008 1:17 pm
Forum: Slay
Topic: has anyone beaten island 344?
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I got my copy of Slay a few years back, so I'm not sure if it's the same island, but I just gave it a go and had no problem. In mine, there's basically an Eastern third, and Western two thirds, joined by three bridges. Win the bottom bridge, then just hold that one. Win the Eastern side downwards to...
by youcantryreachingme
Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:51 pm
Forum: The General
Topic: Assassin loses to 8?
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Assassin loses to 8?

Help says "The Assassin always wins when it attacks." but in the demo version I have twice seen my assassin attack and lose. The first time I thought I must have misunderstood the rules, but by the second time I was sure I understood the rules. In this case it attacked an 8. Is there a legit way for...