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by Jeremy
Sat Feb 12, 2005 11:54 am
Forum: Critical Mass
Topic: 2 modes -- resurrect dead or not
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I don't think you should be able to reload games during a mission, but I think when you beat a mission the next should be unlocked for unlimited use - So I can play back missions whenever I want, trying to beat previous scores and learning to master every level. I've never really liked games where y...
by Jeremy
Fri Feb 11, 2005 11:54 am
Forum: Slay
Topic: I bought a mac... but wait! What am I going to play now?
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I ran slay initally from a linux machine, using the Wine "emulator" for windows programs. Seemed to run fine. Mac would be a little different as you are using a completely different processor architechture. That said, I'll be first in line if you release mac versions - I'd love to be able to play th...