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Cost question; FJ experience; PIATs vs rockets

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 7:28 am
by Fenris
Hm. How are unit costs determined? I've noticed some variation across battles, so I'm guessing that quantity produced matters, but it's clearly not the whole shebang -- is it a complex formula?

Just noticed one bit that I'd suspected -- looking at the American infantry squads, the regular vs. elite status is almost certainly a big reason why paras seem to cost a premium. I'm idly wondering whether German FJ should be considered elite, and pleased to see that the Russians are only considered raw up to a certain point.

On a side note, while I won't quibble too much with the American bazookas and German panzerschrecks being treated as the same basic weapon, the PIAT is distinctive as used a spring plus a small charge instead of relying solely on rocket propulsion. It turned out to be quite finicky and heavy, but it had minimal smoke or backblast, meaning that it could be used reasonably well from inside a building and that its firer was harder to spot compared to the more standard antitank rockets.

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 11:27 am
by Andy Brown
The costs are worked out by the system according to troop quality, weapon loadout and, for AFVs, all the usual stats (armour, gun size, number of MGs etc).

Note that the costs are multiplied in inf only and mostly inf games in order to use up points that would normally be spent on high-value AFVs but units still cost the same relative to each other.


Andy Brown