The wandering 88

Real time World War II combat simulation
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The wandering 88

Post by courier » Fri Jan 05, 2007 3:17 am

Well, we've all seen guns go wandering in this game, I daresay. But I've not yet seen one take a grand tour this complete.

Fighting, as Germany, attacking against France, I find that my entire approach on the target can be covered from a single point. Wanting to take advantage of that position without burning extra points on another tank, I invest in an 88mm gun (yeah, it's overkill, but I wanted the range). Unfortunately, the ideal firing position is 4m outside of my deployment area. No trouble, I think, I'll just move it at the beginning of the game.

Given an order to advance 4m, my gun crew begins pushing their weapon up the hill... down the hill... into the valley... across the road... through a village... up the hill... past the target again... back into the valley... into the road again... down the road... back to the village... Around and around in circles.

They covered about 2km of distance, though seldom getting more than 250m from their start and destination. They did get spotted by the enemy on a later hike -- he ran himself out of artillery trying to tag them. At no point in this was a single shot other than artillery fired at the gun crew, nor were any of them ever suppressed. They just kept on shoving that gun around in loops.

Anyone else seen a gun take a longer trip?

(On a practical note -- I think it must be something to do with a minimum turning radius. Instead of turning the gun to face the destination, then moving it, then turning it to its new facing, the lads start moving the gun forward and turning at once, but the guns are slow to turn compared to their rate of forward motion, and they've passed the destination by the time they've turned it far enough.)

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Major Known Flaw in Firefight (otherwise great game)

Post by daehttub_2000 » Tue Jan 16, 2007 10:36 pm


I've given up on complaining about this bug in the game. I don't move my antitank guns anymore. It's really a shame. However, in actual battle, guns are not very mobile without vehicles to tow them. Only the smallest guns (e.g. 2 pounders or 37mm guns) were truly infantry "portable."

I just give it up to shell shocked gun crews....

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Post by TheKangaroo » Wed Jan 17, 2007 7:00 pm

Maybe not shell shocked but more probably too deaf to hear your orders. It's the artillery after all.

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