Practical Difference between Light & Heavy MGs?

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Practical Difference between Light & Heavy MGs?

Post by Knut » Tue May 06, 2008 3:39 am

While working on various mods, I got to wondering what the Practical, in game difference there is between the LMG and HMG. Does the HMG have superior suppressive ability? More accuracy at long range? It does seem to have a lower rate of fire - is this a good thing? I do wish that some armor-piercing ability was built into the HMG. The .50 cal Browning was well known for its ability to tear through light armor such as that found in halftracks and some scout cars. Many nations were equipped with automatic weapons of 12mm - 20mm, and it would be nice to see these properly executed in the game. I know that much of the early German tanks and Recon vehicles carried 20mm guns that were automatic and capable of firing bursts of up to ten shells, which is very different than how they work within the game.

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Post by JeanBoule » Sat May 10, 2008 2:08 pm

I have not had much satisfaction with HMGs. They do not seem at all keen to move themselves into a good fire position, where they can do some damage. When they do fire, they hose off half their ammo, leaving the number 2 with nothing to do - he has no personal weapon - and are then reluctant to fire at all with the second half.

I have been using some 6 man sections armed with all LMGs, behaviour infantry section. They seem more effective. I will try some 4-man LMG squads as that will make them closer in cost to the 2-man HMG crew.

Voila du boudin!

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Post by Andy Brown » Wed May 14, 2008 6:43 am

From one of my earlier posts:

"HMGs: There's no way to stop them blazing away at early targets (other than keeping them out of LoS, of course) but I've found that modding them by giving them an extra loader and increasing the ammo loadout of the loaders encourages them to perform a little more effectively.

"I tend to give the gunner and the two loaders 200 rounds each although I have experimented with giving the loaders 400 rounds each (a credible load - two 200 round belts) for a total of 1000 rounds which works very well.

"The only constraint is that the purchase points cost increases with the size of the ammo loadout so anything more than 1000 rounds makes an HMG team overly expensive.

"Giving most of the ammo to the loaders also sidesteps the "conservation of ammo" subroutines which tend to prevent HMGs from engaging targets at long range once the gunner himself starts getting low on ammo."

Andy Brown

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Post by T2K » Thu May 15, 2008 7:48 am

Agreed, the HMG's don't seem to be meat grinders that they would seem to be. On average, my HMG teams seem to get around one kill per game. Sometimes zero, sometimes 3. Upping their ammo capacity sounds good, will try that.

The 20mm cannon is indeed modeled wrong. This seems to happen in a lot of computer games (Sudden Strike being another I remember). It's an automatic, magazine-fed cannon. Not a single shot and reload weapon.

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Post by Perturabo » Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:00 am

I have modded HMG teams so that each of them would have 4 loaders with 400 rounds each.
Most of WWII To&Es that I have seen have at least 5 men per HMG squad.
After all, HMGs are for sustained fire.

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