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Lost a Tank in the Desert..

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 1:59 am
by cpn
I seen to have lost a tank.. not in the conventional sense of it having been shelled, but it appears to have left the map and I can't call it back.
I've saved the campaign in case you're interested to see it.

I had given my tank directions to provide cover for moving some troops, it was fired upon and ran, I gave it direction to get back under cover, then I flipped to different part of the map. When I came back to it, the tank was no where to be found. I click on it's item in the control panel, and the screen doesn't shift, and I don't see the direction arrow at all. Odd.

The battle was going terribly anyway, so this sealed the deal. Bother.

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 3:46 am
by cpn
Uh.. spoke too soon. Didn't realize your own troops could "retreat off board" in the middle of a game. Voila.

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 8:38 am
by Sean OConnor
Yes, that's right - if troops stray off the board they have to be removed from the game. There is a little bit of border around the edge of the board that you can't see, but if they go beyond that they are out of the game.

The AI will try and keep troops from doing this but if they get shot at enough they will move off the board. The best thing to do is not to tell troops (especially tanks) to go too close to the edge.