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Bloodiest Battle ever

Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2008 4:03 am
by The Arbiter
WOuld like to know everyone's bloodiest battle ever.A Screenshot of the carnage would be nice.

My worst:

The was on very hard difficulty! :shock:


Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2008 6:18 am
by Legacy
I hit print screen to save one, but forgot to paste it into a photo editor, so I don't think I've got a picture, but I was the Chinese, in an all infantry battle(at least, all I saw was infantry, though two or three of my dead were killed by "tank machine gun") during 1937 or 1938, I believe. My force was constructed of Chinese guerrillas, my HQ, and one or two recon squads in front of a few heavy anti-tank guns.

It was a defense, and my right flank got hammered and overrun, three squads were obliterated, including one of my guns, and only a few recon soldiers remained alive on that front. Eventually, I think I ran them out of ammunition.

Meanwhile, guns on my center and left kept racking up kills until the kills ran off the edge of the box. My HQ and remaining survivors(all three of them, including one immobilized) were all that stood between the advance that crushed my right flank and the objective, but the enemy had lost the initiative, it seemed, though they were still obviously out in force. Their attacks on my left and center had amounted to a plain, a forest, and a small hill littered with dead, where high explosive shells and rifle fire had crushed most everything that moved.

With moderate ammunition remaining to my left flank troops, I moved them like a swinging door while my guns, with little ammunition remaining, moved to face the enemy advance on the right. By the time my guns were in place, my grunts had humped through the woods and up the small hill dividing the front, and had soon renewed contact with the enemy's right and engaged their rear. My guns began picking off targets with amazing precision, and my HQ began to advance as enemy fire withered. Once the guns had fired all their ordnance, the gun crews joined the maneuver, and along with my HQ, formed the other half of a pincer movement. One of my HQ soldiers ran out of ammo and eventually grenades, another was killed, I was wounded after getting two kills with my sidearm, and the fourth finished with ammo and no injuries. Of the gun crews, half survived. When it was all said and done, I had about 15-20 survivors, the enemy had none. Somewhere between sixty and seventy Japanese soldiers littered the field.

On a side note... has anyone ever dropped artillery on their own surrendered troops out of contempt?

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:29 am
by The Arbiter
Well in that game I was Americans vs Germans, and the the battle for the 2 hills was very intense fighting.If you look at the screenshot I had lost entire squads.Sure some were still alive, but they were in disarray and routing so I had to retreat.

If you look at raven hill you can see piles of died American soldiers. The other hill got to pretty much bayonet fighting.....thats how bad it was.

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:30 am
by Legacy
There was a lot of blood on both sides of that one, not entirely mine... but there was this one mission as the Japanese once. My assault, pure infantry game, completely failed. So I pooled everything that could move pretty much, followed the ridge around behind the farm, which was right on the objective, and my HQ, a couple recon troopers, and remains of a few infantry squads made an attack of sorts, almost out of ammo, while the wounded kept the enemy attention somewhat divided. I got everyone save a few wounded killed. Just about anyway. I was wounded twice, two of my HQ squad were killed, one immobilized, all but maybe three infantrymen were killed or immobilized, a few surrendered. None of the recon soldiers lived. Eventually I hit retreat. I died in the last real exchange of gunfire.