Tactics for less casualties

Real time World War II combat simulation
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Tactics for less casualties

Post by Fascista1933 » Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:51 pm

For an Assault

1. Move your artilleries to the closest and highest hills: move your infantries close to artillery.
2. Move your tanks forward on low lands with trees around. Be careful about where your tank is because they can be spotted easily by the enemy.
3. Order one of your artillery to fire closer to the enemy territory. Make them to move around, thereby you can spot where they are. And artilleries will start firing on them.
4. After the firing starts, move your tanks forward to enemy territory. Use HE effect on where enemy is dense.
5. Move your artillery to next hill. (Don't move them at the same time because none of your artilleries will be available until they stop moving. You may need your artilleries all time. Move them one at a time.)
6. Move your infantry forward. Keep them close to your artilleries.
7.If your tanks having trouble with heavy artillery fire pull them back.
8. Wait until your artilleries stop firing. Then move your tanks forward again.
9. If enemy artillery and tank units are gone or out of ammo, move your units with LMGs or HMGs (Tanks, halftracks, or Machinegun divisions) to the enemy flag. Enemy infantry will be either killed or surrendered against your war machines.
10. Drop the enemy flag and raise your flag into the sky.

For a Defence
1. Buy as much as artillery you can, but you will also need infantry to escort them. Also buying some tanks may be useful for reconnaissance.
2. Move your artilleries with infantry escort to the hills. Spread all of your artilleries onto different hills to prevent high casualties after enemy HE effect.
3. Keep one tank or infantry division close to your flag. Widen the arrow of the infantry divisions against mortar, artillery or HE explosions. Best defence is to make your army spread around. It will make to spot enemy easier and prevents enemy tank rush.
4. Keep your position. You may reinforce weakened and fighting divisions with the divisions which are in the different positions.
5. Wait until enemy have taken high casualties. If you bought some tanks you may move them forward to the weakened enemy forces to give them higher casualties. You should be 100% sure that enemy guns are gone to use your tanks.
6. Wait until they retreat.

If you use my tactics efficiently you will have less casualties and win the game. I wish ai could've improve its tactics due to my movement.

I love this game. :)

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Post by the space predator » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:46 am

Not perfect. In some situation, it don't work.
But in general, it is very good. You have make a good compilation of tactic.
You must be good in FF :lol:

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Artilleries and your experience.

Post by JeanBoule » Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:31 am

When you say move your artys ------- I take it you mean the guns selected from the artillery menu. I find I have to leave them where I put them on deployment because they go any old where when I try to move them. I believe this is what other players experience.

Nice to know you love the game, so do I.

How long have you been playing it? I see you are a new joiner but your tactics indicate a fair few hours spent at the FF screen.

Do you play campaigns? I do not, because to me they are just a succession of single battles, with no real carryover effect between them.

Voila du boudin!

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A note on defence

Post by andrew516 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:11 pm

I always found rear hill defence works to soak up enemy attacks. Especially if you bulk up on recon squads with short range decent automatic weapons. They're cheap and as soon as the enemy come over the hill you can spray and grenade them. This will funnel them around the hills you are defending behind and thats where your main line of defence comes in. They rattle rounds in the vallys where the enemy is bunched up. Mortars can hit enemy supressed at top of hill and enemy is generally more piled up so HE becomes more effective too. Also, recon far forward can identify enemy armour much earlier so you can account for that early on too. The recon squads will usually all get shot up to hell but it will instantly stall an advance, keep enemy off heights in front of objective so main line of defence won't be suppressed too badly. Basically as soon as the recon elements get hit, pour in mortar fire and shells from tanks/stationary guns, wait for the enemy to bunch up and pour in the HE arty and by the time the recon elements are fully over-run the enemy will be pounded and wont be in any fit state to push back your main line of defence around the objective. As soon as enemy fire slackens, roll any armour forward and police up the prisoners. :D

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Re: Tactics for less casualties

Post by tamorrison » Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:52 pm

I find that the standard tactics of fire and movement work well in Firefight.

1. Concentration: This is the principle of mass. Group your forces opposite the main line of attack, or emplace them along the main line of defense. Ensure that every unit is supported by at least one other of equal or greater firepower.

2. Reconnaissance: Find the enemy. Use recon squads and dominant terrain. Do not use your main forces to blunder into hidden enemy units. Do not give the enemy an unwatched route to your objective.

3. Fire: Blast the enemy with multiple units and multiple directions simultaneously. If you don't know where the enemy is, drop smoke on likely spots to restrict his line of vision. It is better to "waste" a smoke mission on an hilltop that turns out to be empty than to waste a unit on a hilltop that hides an enemy squad or artillery piece.

4. Maneuver: In the attack, use indirect fire to suppress dominant terrain while friendly forces close to rush. Movement by bounding overwatches ensures that no matter when you make contact, a unit is ready to suppress the enemy that is firing at your maneuver element. In the defense, a reserve unit must have the freedom of movement to reinforce or counterattack critical areas. In both the attack and defense, use terrain masking to hide and protect friendly units.

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