Hi all, now about 5.0....

Real time World War II combat simulation
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The Arbiter
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Hi all, now about 5.0....

Post by The Arbiter » Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:55 pm

Hadn't played firefight for awhile, and got a surprise with the new version 5.0

I just need to get used to the new graphics. Despite my mixed feelings over the graphics, I have to say it is an improvement and new pictures for the interface make game look much more professional. However I will always miss the old look.

A few things:
Infantry definitely looks more realistic and bigger. However, I think it's time to scale up the tanks. The vehicles were out of proportion with infantry before, now the bigger infantry icons only make it worse and out of place.

Now on Terrain, this is probably whats eating me the most. Marsh:please make marsh look bluer. Right now it just looks hard rock.

Overall I like the terrain graphics, although I hate how it feel likes Close Combat series. Especially the grass, it;s just too much like close combat.

As said before, the new interface graphics really make the game look more professional.

That's all I pretty much have say. I really appreciate Sean's work, and I'm happy that the money paid for this game is going to good use and keep updates and this game alive.

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Post by Perturabo » Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:57 pm

Things that I like:

New terrain graphics - a great visual improvement.

Fractal hills

More campaigns.

Things that I'm disappointed with:

Lack of externalisation of weapons data.

Lack of AT grenades/molotov cocktails.

Poor tank combat - horribly inaccurate guns, lack of autocannons, lack of different rates of fire, some weird tank behaviours, lack of mobility and firepower kills, no terrain that is impassible for tanks or may cause to get them stuck.

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