Shift/Alt/Ctrl on clicks (change request)

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Shift/Alt/Ctrl on clicks (change request)

Post by spiegel » Sun Jan 30, 2005 10:35 am

If I am trying to order my mortar to fire on an enemy artillery position, the current process has me click on the mortar unit, pull the screen back to the general area of where the firing is coming from, click on the FIRE button, then wait until the bad guy takes another pop at my tank so I can pinpoint where to direct my mortar to attack. Ugh.

Similarly, if I am setting up for a flanking maneuver, I don't want to have to go back to the current location for each unit, then drag its cursor to where I want it to go. I'd like a way to select my units' facing/dispersal markers without actually going back to the units' current locations.

I recognize that one of the selling points of an O'Connor game is simplicity of play, but would it be so horrendous to ease these frequent tasks (and also the strain on my wrist and fingers)? It would be easy to do this with the modal ctrl/alt/shift keys. Off the top of my head, this sounds good:

* Clicking on a unit (from the roster?) without pressing any keys selects the unit without changing the map display. The cursor changes to the upside-down T [UDT] to show that the next click will be the destination for the unit. When the mouse is clicked, a "ghost" UDT (of the appropriate width and facing) and a subcript of the unit number appears on the map. Once dropped, the ghost UDT can be turned/re-sized as the current UDT. Holding down the SHIFT key works exactly the same way except that it uses any existing UDTs for that unit as waypoints. (The width of the UDT determines the width of the unit while travelling from its present location or most recent waypoint to the new ghost UDT.)

* Clicking on a unit (from the roster?) while pressing the CTRL key shifts the screen to the unit (same as the current action not counting any keys)

* Clicking on a unit (from the roster?) while pressing the ALT key turns the cursor into a reticule. A subsequent click targets that unit (if one is visible) or that location on the map (the more common case).

Clicking on a unit on the map? It seems like it would work as above, but I might have missed out on something fundamental as I haven't given it much consideration. Essentially, it seems that I am asking for there to be three types of cursor: UDT (movement), reticule (targeting), and arrow (selection or resize in place). Each cursor type corresponds to a modal key or absence of one.

This has a disadvantage for all the one-handed players, true. I feel this is more than compensated by preventing carpal tunnel syndrome for those of us with two hands.

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Post by Fighter_Ace » Thu Feb 03, 2005 10:12 pm

I like the Idea :idea: ! Its worth looking into!
My thanks and best regards to all my former submitters.

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