Mrs Sean : I can perhaps help for new ground...

Real time World War II combat simulation
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Mrs Sean : I can perhaps help for new ground...

Post by welk » Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:09 pm

In my opinion, Sean O'Connors should have choiced to represent the ground as military map, like that :

(Evidently, with adapted trames and no visible pixels)

It's just a sample, because this map does not work in the actual game : if I had from Sean O'Connors informations about how are made the ground level, I could try to work for a new ground version of the game, that it would be included in the game files as "free alternate ground"

Actually, I can not : the different colors in "texture" file are not based on elevation map, but on the dark/clear orientation. So, a zone with x meters height may be at the same texture than a zone of y meters height, if they have the same lighting orientation in the map. If I give a color for a zone, a other zone with different elevation but with same lighting orientation will have the same color.

Message for Sean : if you could accept to give me some informations about that, I could work as free in modding to improve the ground in this direction : the obstacles to fire lines would be more visible and the game would be better in tactical realism. I would evidently adapt the textures to have not visible pixels as in the sample image I give, and to have not unic trame for the 0 meters ground (I would adapt the textures)

Note : the littles "rocs" that are visible on map are not part of the desired look modification, just "rocs" I created in place of trees for a private mod "Afghanistan ground I am working on" (with some red grounds terrains)

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