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Real time World War II combat simulation
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Dear Mr.O'Connor

Post by Dylan735 » Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:33 am

I Absolutely LOVE firefight, it's one of my favourite games.
I play it for fun, i have an alternate set of units for my paintball (Im a team commander, very useful for making tactics, as it works the same way paintballers do), but i would like to see it grow to much more than it is.
I'm sure there are many, many other players on this forum who feel the same, so, if you are willing to get a design team together (Willing to work for free, i know i am), then I'm sure we could make firefight what it deserves to be.
I'm Willing to work for free as a historical advisor, beta tester, map/unit designer, and basically anything that doesn't involve code, and quite frankly, i'd love to.
If Anyone else on the forum is willing to help, to get the game the way you want it, post in here, saying what you can do to help, and we can show him how much support he can get from his loyal gamers.

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