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Looking to buy Firefight 5.0

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:59 pm
by Full Spectrum Warrior
First off,

Hello to all. I have recently started looking into all kinds of tactical PC games and demos lately. Mostly the Close Combat games and demos, but many others such as the Squad Battles games, Armored Brigade, Steel Panthers, Combat Mission, etc. But I stumbled across Firefight on another forum where someone suggested it and I knew after playing the demo that I had to have it unlike the others where I know I can live without them if they're not freeware .

I have also been reading these forums for about a week and noticed that someone here has had trouble just trying to buy the game. Something along the lines of having to wait for a reply from Sean before you can download it?

Is this true? I hope not because I generally put off buying games for the longest time just to make sure I'm not downloading something I'll only play for a short while. So finally talking myself into buying something then finding out when I want it that I may have to wait instead of being able to download it immediatley is kind of a turn off. I know this is a single person's game, so I understand it doesn't work the same as Matrix or Battlefront games downloads.

I want to own Firefight more than any of the ther games I've been looking into but would hate to have to put in an order for a download and wait for it to be OK'd or something when there's other similar alternatives that can be downloaded as soon as I hit the "order" button.

Can anyone specify the buying procedure for Firefight please? I've just never heard of a downloadable game being sold this way.

And also, are there any mods yet that let you garrison your infantry inside buildings? I would like some deeper commands in Firefight and maybe different formations or more air support, but putting infantry inside buildings would be a huge step up from the commands in there now.

Thanks for your replies and I hope I didn't come off too pushy. Just worked 14 straight hours and all I could think about at work was coming right home and buying this but am worried about the buying procedure now.

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:17 pm
by Andy Brown
Mate, just go to Sean's website

And click on "Buy Full Versions". Or click on the game you want at the top of the screen and buy it from there.

Note that, although Firefight is the only wargame that Sean has developed, you're probably better off spending a bit extra to buy the package containing all his games. Unless you are fanatically "wargames only", there's a good chance one or two of his other games will interest you as well.

That business about emailing Sean personally only applies if you want to update an older version of one of his games to a later version for free. He doesn't patch his games but he's quite happy to send you the latest copy of a game you've already bought if you ask him. Make sure you keep your purchase info (confimatory email from the distributor etc) so you can do this if he ever gets round to another Firefight version.

Infantry will occupy buildings if you move or deploy them there. Buildings provide some of the best cover in the game and an assault on a village is one of the hardest things you can order your FF troops to do. Personally, I feel that the FF game system is built on a foundation of simplicity and I'd be loathe to see the interface made much more complicated than it is now. Remember that the map is less than 900m by 900m. Historically, air support that close to friendly forces was extremely rare.


Andy Brown

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:59 am
by Full Spectrum Warrior
Thanks for the speedy reply and info.

Will be buying tonight.