Firefight for iPads finished!

Real time World War II combat simulation
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Sean OConnor
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Firefight for iPads finished!

Post by Sean OConnor » Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:45 pm

Firefight for iPads is finally finished and is live on the AppStore! Click here to take a look: ... 14282?mt=8

It's a free download and you can play out the tutorial scenario, and then it's a $5 in-app purchase for all 8 full scenarios on that map. Sales are looking good so far and if they continue I'll definitely do a Windows and Android port. I'm working on new maps right now too.

Please let me know what you think!

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Re: Firefight for iPads finished!

Post by currymutton » Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:29 pm

You should come to TA and/or Pocket Tactics to join in the discussions.


1. PAUSE button, optional, cannot issue command but can see things clearer in the thick of things;
2. No info on what is shooting at my units!
3. Help screen overlays the tutorial
4. And tutorial disappears after purchase
5. Light mortar unit does not move nor fire (!!!)
6. Vehicle units seem to ignore fire command and do not prioritize target -- I can accept the former but the latter is very bad for health
7. Side fixed for each scenario, limits replayability.

Last but not least, wish to be able to run the whole thing in one movie. I really want to see what kill my guys.

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Sean OConnor
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Re: Firefight for iPads finished!

Post by Sean OConnor » Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:32 pm

Thanks for the feedback and I'm trying to post this on the PocketTactics forums but it's not letting me in (maybe my account hasn't been approved yet?)

Hi, I'm the author of the game and I'd like to say thanks for playing and for your comments, and thanks to Owen too for reviewing it here!

Sorry about the issue of the Help page being drawn over the tutorial system. That Help page is only drawn at the start of the very first game you ever play. I added the tutorial system later and forgot to uninstall and re-install the app so I hadn't spotted that it now looks pretty terrible having them both drawn over each other. For the next release I've removed the feature where the Help page is shown automatically on your first game.

I've spent all day fixing the bug where the sprites are drawn slightly off alignment when you pan around. I think this looks much worse on a retina device and I hadn't spotted it on my iPad 1. The issue is because I've found I need to draw the background image (it's made from 4x4 1024x1024 pixel images) on exact pixel boundaries or you see really ugly tearing between them. But I was still drawing the sprites where they wanted to be so the background and foreground could get out of alignment. Now the sprites compensate for where the background images have actually just been drawn so they all line up now.

I hadn't thought of adding a Pause button. I guess that would mean the action would pause but you could still pan and zoom around? I'm not sure about that idea as the game is meant to be quite overwhelming (i.e. realistic!) and pausing would give the player a bit of a breather. But, you can halt the game by tapping the Exit button on the toolbar and then when you select the scenario again you will be asked if you want to continue from where you left off.

I agree that the white flags are confusing on the enemy men, especially when you're not zoomed in. I wanted to get a decent sound effect saying something like "I surrender" but I just couldn't find one! I'll keep looking.

I do plan eventually to add the feature where you can choose what nationalities you want to play as, what year and what units you start with. The real reason I didn't add that is I haven't got the graphics for all the other tanks (those are being worked on now) and it would have taken even longer to add that functionality too. I've already spent nearly 2 years writing this and I was running out of money so I needed to get it released!

The problem with sneaking your tank round the flank of an enemy is that if it is being watched by enemy infantry then they will "tell" that enemy tank. Units do have a "hive" mentality so if one of your units can see an enemy then all of them know it's there. I could have coded it so that doesn't happen, but then I think players would get equally frustrated when they can see an enemy drawn on the screen but their men aren't reacting to it. If you sneak around without hidden enemy infantry seeing you then you will surprise the enemy tank.

If you command a unit to fire it will look around to see if there is a position nearby from where it can see the target you have designated. If there isn't one then it will just do nothing. I think I need to add a speech bubble from the unit and he says something like "can't see that" to let the player know.

Thanks for spotting the bug with the mortar teams! They fire OK until you tell the squad to move and then their AI gets stuck. They can cover the whole board from where they start so the workaround just for now is don't move them! I'll get their movement fixed in the first update. Sorry about that!

This is just the first release and there is a lot more I want to add. I definitely want to add more feedback from your troops. I've written all of this on a real shoe-string budget but if it sells well I'd like to record some proper actors shouting and screaming things so you can hear what they're thinking. I tried recording my own voice but it sounded terrible!

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Re: Firefight for iPads finished!

Post by Ikmalmn » Sun Jun 15, 2014 12:50 am

Hi there!

I would to send you some bugs,improvement and problems that I been dealing with...but just so you know,I completed all but one of the Nazi campaign

•The half track and any other light tank is a very stubborn one as they something wander around to a place where they not suppose to go....a.k.a an at gun
•The gunner of the half track is not "team working" with the driver
•No medics?
•Make an option for the tank to target and kill enemy tank ONLY *IMPORTANT*
•A19 will not fire it's main gun unless it's a tank
•Tanks tend to literally get stuck onto building...I don't know why but yeah
•So...umm do AT guns disappear if they got killed?
•A way to ride a vehicle (so the attacking force is much faster at organizing the troops)
•Veterancy plays an important role for mortar....not a complaint but just saying 8)
•Control the tank turret mode *IMPORTANT* *URGENT*
•Infantry won't use grenades :(
•Why isn't there a feature where the infantry will be able to use their dead comrade weapons :( (yet)
•Smoke is good.....just saying again 8) (but not the smoke where you literally inhale the smoke)
•what does it take to make an enemy surrender btw....going around them a.k.a fooling them that their are surrounded?
•New weapons? (Rifle grenades,stg44,panzerfaust) New support infantry (Nebewerfer,V1,V2,smoke rounds,STUKA)

Thanks! And Tanh you for reading and spending real time for this

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