Version 3.0.0 for iOS is the latest version

Real time World War II combat simulation
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Version 3.0.0 for iOS is the latest version

Post by Sean OConnor » Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:28 pm

Click here to see the iPad version of Firefight: ... 14282?mt=8

Here is the version history so far:

3.0 Mar 4, 2016
- play a local network game between two iOS devices using WiFi or Bluetooth
- improvements to tank AI

2.4.1 Oct 7, 2015
- fixed bug that affected screen touches on an iPhone 6s

2.4 Sep 16, 2015
- added new map "Chateau Marchin"

2.3 Jun 30, 2015
- visibility is now done on a per-squad basis, so if an enemy infantryman has spotted one of your tanks he can no longer magically tell all his friends where your tank is. This makes it much easier to sneak your tanks around an enemy tank's flank without it realising what you are up to. This rule also applies to your squads too, so just because an enemy appears on the screen it doesn't mean all of your squads have spotted it - just that any one of your squads has.

2.2 Apr 28, 2015
- new map: Villers-Bocage
- the game now has 100 different tank types

2.1 Feb 12, 2015
- Added new map: Hill 112
- Doubled the number of tank types (including Panzer IV/70, Stug IV, Jagdpanzer IV, Hetzer, Jagdpanther, A30 Challenger, A34 Comet, M10 Achilles, M24 Chaffee)

2.0 Jan 13, 2015
- now runs on iPhones as well as iPads

1.7 Dec17, 2014
- Flaumont Industrial Zone map added
- Option to purchase all current and future Western Front maps

1.6 Nov 7, 2014
- Extreme zoom out now shows hill contours
- Added new map: Launois Valley

1.5 Oct 22, 2014
- Added new map: Trichon canal

1.4 25 Sep, 2014
- Added new map: Bleneau railway station
- Added new map: Remilly town

1.3 Aug 29, 2014
- Tanks won’t back off if they are hit by shells that stood no chance of penetrating
- Tanks can no longer get stuck in houses
- Button bar shows the elapsed mission time
- Minimum iOS version is lowered from 6.0 to 5.1.1
- Fixed missing Facebook button
- Fixed bug that stopped iPad Air saved games from being able to be re-opened

1.2 Aug 6, 2014
- Improved grass textures
- Tank AI now makes more of an effort to keep the tank's frontal armour facing the enemy
- Infantry throw grenades
- Infantry can scavenge ammo off each other and from dead bodies
- Mortar teams can choose targets on their own
- Halved the CPU usage to save your battery life
- Added social media buttons
- Added sheep!

1.1 Jul 1, 2014
- Objective flag is now animated
- Added control panel images for men with panzerfausts
- Fixed bug that prevented mortar teams from moving
- Fixed bug that caused graphics alignment problems on retina displays
- Improved performance, reduced memory footprint and fixed memory leaks

1.0 Jun 8, 2014
- initial release

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