Running on ipad2

Real time World War II combat simulation
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Running on ipad2

Post by Cmc5 » Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:04 pm

first, thank you for bringing this to life on iOS devices!

I'm running an iPad 2 and I'm wondering if the visuals are as designed or having issues due to my device being so old. The issue I have is lack of visibility of enemy troops. I Ana long time player of CC so I'm used to not seeing the enemy right away, but here even if I have infantry in a building and there is an enemy tank in a field without anything between us I still don't "see" the tank. I know it's there as its shooting at me and my guys occasionally shoot at it. If I zoom out I see the icon, but when I zoom in I see empty field and occasionally the tank flashes on screen for a few seconds.

Similar scenario with enemy infantry... There is enemy infantry in a building. I suppress by firing with one squad and shortly after storm he guiding with another. Excellently! Except my 2nd squad runs in, has a fight, a bunch of enemy white flags are up....and at no point did I actually see an enemy soldier. An enemy soldier is still fighting from behind a stone wall across the street...but I only know this because of the shooting back and forth and the icon if I zoom out. Zoomed enemy graphics at all.

So...old iPad with insufficient horsepower or?

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Re: Running on ipad2

Post by Sean OConnor » Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:59 pm

The game will run exactly the same on any iPad so that's shouldn't be the problem.

For an enemy piece to be drawn on the screen one of your pieces has to currently have a line of sight to it and must have "spotted" it too. If all of your troops are hiding behind a wall and nobody is looking over then the enemy piece won't be drawn. Your troops will remember that there was an an enemy there if they previously saw it (although it may have moved away since) so they may pop up occasionally and take a shot at it.

When you zoom out you get shown markers of where enemy units were when you last saw them (again they may have moved since). They are named if you have seen some of the enemy pieces but are marked as unknown if your troops don't know what the enemy actually is but have just seen some shooting from there.

Hope that helps!

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