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Battle report

Post by Quitch » Mon Jul 04, 2005 3:33 pm

Just for fun... :)

I'm playing a British assault against the Germans on Very Hard. Houses on the right and left flanks. Lots of cover on the left and hills, while the right has wooded cover up the houses but not beyond them. The objective is in a wooded hill slightly left and up from the middle of the map. I decide to take six paratrooper squads, an HMG, two Firefly tanks and a Piat team. Flamethrower was tempting, but I opt for better tanks and a bit more anti-tank, just in case.

Initial deployment is based around a massive assault on the left with a couple of squads to hold the right against any incursions (AI tends to be fairly passive on the defence, so not too worried), and to launch a flanking attack if possible. The ground to the right of the objective is fairly open, so I don't want to commit too much there, but I might catch retreating Germans.

It all starts well, my squads sweep into the housing on the left with the tanks moving slightly into the woods beyond to catch any infantry advancing. Piat team hovers around the centre waiting on sightings, while the two squads on the right sneak through their woods towards the village. A few mortar shots land near my lead tank, but it's not a big worry.

Now I hold position, waiting to see how the Germans react to this... oops, those weren't mortar shots but artillery finding their range. BOOM! One tank is down... I haven't played for a while and forgot the difference between the sounds :)

I move a squad forward from the left village to take the wooded valley ahead, with another moving out to take a hill slightly beyond. My HMG team moves to the left of the village to cover the hill squad, while the other paratroop squads spreads out to offer cover over the valley. Meanwhile on the right the paratroopers are ordered into the first line of buildings.

My advancing troops immediately come under fire (don't they always? :)) with the ones in the valley suffering for it. My troops lay down counter-fire while I bring the tank up to supress this German nonsense. My hill squad doesn't do too bad, driving the Germans back (over the course of this game those Germans are killed one by one), but the HMG has decided it's going to sit behind a wall where it can't get a LOF beyond its own nose.

On the right my squads are taking heavy fire from the buildings, and from a possible MG position on a central hill. The LMG of my fourth paratroop squad (positioned in the line and advancing into the woods just to the right of the left-hand village) lays down supressing fire on the houses, and I decide to redeploy my currently useless HMG to this hill to do the same. Meanwhile the advance of one paratroop squad on the right (squad six) is pinned around the road hedges, and they are unable to enter. They're taking grenades and generally just sitting with their heads between their legs. Squad seven is doing better, the woods in their area extending right to the houses giving them a better place to shelter from fire.

I call in artillery strikes in the village, and after two artillery sorties and some fire from the LMG and HMG in the centre, things are quiet enough that squad seven advances into the housing, while squad six still refuses to move. In fact, so rapid is the collapse of German opposition at this point that we quickly drive them out of the second row of houses and onto the open fields beyond, whereby squad seven has a field day gunning them down with SMGs and LMGs before they get five feet. The field is littered with German dead.

On the left things are more static. Squad two, who are in the wooded valley, are taking the worst of it and only have four men left alive. I have them hold position while squad three to their left swings round on the hill to bring some fire to bear, and my last left village squad advances into the woods to help. My tanks pushes across the open field and into a hedge beyond (moving parallel to the objective) and catches and entire German squad (who'd I'd been taking some pretty nasty fire from) with its pants down... utterly unsupported, and it proceeds (along with some fire from squad three) to decimate this squad. I move one of my paratroop squads way out onto the left flank to ensure the complete destruction of this squad.

Meanwhile I'm having to juggle my HQ back and forth to ensure communication between the left and right flanks. Happy that the situation on the right is stable I focus on clearing a hill in the centre so that I can bring the HQ forward and unite both flanks with the joys of radio communication.

My HMG, attempting to push forward to get a better field of fire, are taken down, so I link up with my right flank again and order them to swing in towards the centre (fire on that side being so light that it can't be more than one or two rifle men stuck in the field) while the remains of squad six finally move into the right village to offer covering fire. I also push up my Piat team into the action.

The Germans are forced back around the objective, and I now start moving my far left para team to a hill behind the objective to complete the encirclement. Coming under a sudden burst of intense fire, I spend my last artillery barrage trying to silence it as best as possible, while tightening the noose. The Germans retreat fully into the woods, where fire stops me from following.

Advancing, my Piat team runs across a field gun, which they destroy. My para teams swinging in from the right flank get another turkey shoot and take down the crew.

My paras on the left are unable to move to the hedges bordering the wood for the fire coming in, a couple of explosions and heads duck down, and only the odd burst of SMG fire from someone who managed to sneak into the woods is keeping the Germans' heads down. Luckily, my squads on the right (aren't I glad I decided to make a flanking effort :)) are able to pick off some Germans who haven't moved into the wood yet.

Finally, as I get full LOS on the wood, I see a tank sitting on the objective which I had earlier mistaken for a MG position. I order a smoke barrage and then have my paras move forward. Unfortunately it's only as the smoke clears they decide to boldly charge, taking heavy casualties for their stupidity.

I have two healthy para squads at this point and a good tank. One good squad is pinned down by the tank firing the odd shell in their direction, and some rifle fire coming from the hedge ahead (they've behind the objective), the other squad is stuck on a hege to its right (squad seven) and are unable to advance over the open ground. I try bringing them in through the back, but they just sit in a corner of the wood unable to move closer because of the tank.

I bring my tank in to find their tank (which disappeared when the smoke hit) only to have it fired on, retreat, then fired on and destroyed. Finally I decide to smoke the place, bring the paras in for cover and move the piat up to destroy the tank once and for all. Ah, if only. The paras edge forward and SMG fire causes a few Germans to surrender (surely he must be low on troops by now? It's only a small wood and there aren't any Germans outside it... at least not fighting ones) but my Piat team refuses to move. Finally I check their status after multiple attempts to pull over this move...

They're out of ammo. My scream echos around the house and I curse the gods of war and fate.

So that's where I am now. He can't have more than five or six infantry in the woods, and they're getting wounded or killed by SMG fire every time they move. My troops are starting to run low on ammo, and in fact some have run out. And to top it all off, a tank is sitting on the objective, something I have no way of destroying, and which is in the habit of doing just enough to stop my troops moving. I've got the place encircled, but I can't advance.

I'm hoping it's going to run out of ammo soon because I sure as hell am running out of men.

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Post by Quitch » Mon Jul 04, 2005 5:02 pm

In the end I was forced to issue a general retreat. I thought the tank was out of ammo because it was so quiet, but it turns out they'd just lost sight of my men who had dug in nicely... lost a man finding that out.

Found out that even though it was "very hard", I outnumbered them. I killed 52 to my 43 losses, they lost a gun and I lost two tanks. Took 4 prisoners to their 0. 25 of my troops survived while 10 of theirs did.

I scored adequate, which is about as good as you can do when you lose I think :) Stupid Rasberry Hill.


Battle Experiences

Post by jon » Wed Jul 13, 2005 11:12 pm

OK... I have a good one:

In destert during campain me Italians... enemy British (I play everyone against everyone else!)
My forces:
5 infantry squads
1 tank
2 field guns (anti-tank)
1 Reconassiance

Ok... I was defending in the destert against the british... I was defending a small hill... I placed 1 full infantry squad, the two field guns and the HMG on the hill...
The tank I kept in reserve... just off to the side a bit...
I split my 4 remaining infantry squads into 2 teams or 2... and placed two on far left flank (just in front of theHill) and two same to the right to make this shape:

\ _ / (hill being the centre part)

OK... the first hits were by at least 4-5 tanks in the valley below in front of my hill... field guns destroyed two of them... the other disppeared and the other two stayed away nearer the hill in front of mine, but at a distance...
Arty rained down on my hill, but only 1 man was killed...
Then the infantry came in droves down my right flank... working its way down towards my hill... but being dumb as they are... moved right in front of my right flanks' two infantry squads (see shape above)... quite a few were destroyed and the others ran for cover in the nearby shrubbery and a hill near the centre where they were more protected...

I don't know how the enemy did this... but then they came ... strait down from the north part of the map... avioding my flanks... at least 3 tanks and 2 full suads of the enemy marched toward my hill i the center...

I realized that my 1 infantry squad on the hill was blocked by the hill from firing... Imove them to the ridge were they could hold the enemy for longer... one of my field guns were destroyed...
I quickly decided to execute my plan... move in the flanks to cause a "boxed in" effect on the enmy in front of m hill... but the Right flank was held in place by the enemy squads that had been dumb earlier... they now stopped any advance... but my left flank was the only one that had not lost troops yet... I moved them in to creat this effect...

|_ /

the box efect still worked and the enemy was mowed down and another of their tanks destroyed... and atleast 1 full squad wiped out... the others limped back to the safet of a distant hill... the tanks covering thier retreat...

It was not over yet tho... the covering fire was heavy.. and my HMG had suffered in the attack... it was now useless...

20% casulaties in infantry
still have the tank...
HMG and 1 field gun destroyed
1 field gun remaining
i recon squad remaining...

All this helped me remeber my tank in reserve... I moved it to the right flank to beat up the enemy that held them there without budging... it worked and the tank was destroyed but helped me removed my left flank more towards the center hill... but bent back to take an enemy flanking movement to my right:
All my forces were now on or surrounding my hill in the center... execpt my recon which I sent out to the almost quiet enemy to check their status... they were alive and well... my entire recon being flat murdered in thre field...
They came for one last assult on my right... my batterd right flank held it position, but taking more casulaties as they did not have as much protection... I sent one of my left flank squads to the enemy hill not far off... where they were regrooping I was sure of it...
the other left flank squad I moved to my hill... stregthening it... I captured an enemy gun with my advance squad but destroyed it in thee proccess...
the enemy retreated off my left flank and the victory was mine

final sum up:

60% casultioes in infantry...
lost the tank and HMG
lost 1 field gun... kept the other...
lost recon squad and only 2 men in my HQ were injured and 1 killed (not the leiutenant)

I rated as "excellent" as successfully holding the much larger enemy and inflicting lots of casulties on them... destroying 4 tanks...

My forces/enemy forces

killed: 26/32
wounded 17/25
tanks lost 1/4
guns lost 1/1

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