Premature shooting is a problem+ it doesn't happn to everone

Real time World War II combat simulation
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Premature shooting is a problem+ it doesn't happn to everone

Post by Andywoolnough » Fri Jul 29, 2005 1:29 pm

I have a question for you good people out there. I'm defending in the desert, I have 2 field guns set up in a good killing zone on hills, infantry in front of them and a tank poised to rock up and plug gaps. I know the enemy has four tanks as I restarted the mission earlier as all my units gave their position away early and got wiped out.

What I want is to wait until the enemy is on top of me, infantry and tanks, and then ambush as many as possible. Like they do to us when we attack. I needed those tanks to move into the killing zone so I could open up with the other FG and move the tank onto the flank. All this was going round my head in a Monty-esque maelstrom.

What actually happened is that the FGs and tank again gave their position away by firing at individual infantry from a couple of miles away, ignored all my orders to cease fire and got spiked or destroyed within a minute by tanks and artillery.

Question - is there any way you can stop those idiots firing until you say so? I'm the British commander, dammit! Fire when I say so!

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Sean OConnor
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Post by Sean OConnor » Fri Jul 29, 2005 2:47 pm

Very good point and I was going to work on something like that today. Honest! At the moment infantry will hold their fire until they can see the whites of the enemy's eyes and I'll make tanks and FGs hold their fire until an enemy tank comes near enough to almost guarantee a hit or if infantry start to get too close.

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Post by Tim_Myth » Fri Jul 29, 2005 4:11 pm

I've had limited success with hiding the FGs behind the hill and only moving them into position when the tanks are in range. This seems to give their position away pretty quickly though (probably due to the movement).

IMO, what's needed is the ability to place a "don't shoot until..." line. For example, just as there is the blue bar for orienting the unit, there could be a red bar that appears a few spaces in froont of the men. This could be extended out parallel to the blue line and would indicate the point at which the men would begin shooting. That way if I want them to shoot anything that crosses a river, I could place the line at the river.

Not sure of how much upgrading you'll be doing for this new release, but this would be a nifty spot to plug the idea of experienced troops. Perhaps when placing troops initially, a fire line could be placed telling the unit not to fire until the enemy has crossed the line. Experienced troopers would be better at following this order, while green soldiers would be more likely to shoot early.
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Post by Quitch » Sat Jul 30, 2005 12:25 pm

So long as they hold fire in the same way the infantry do it should work out great... it would also be handy if units didn't use their anti-armour weapons against infantry (and their anti-infantry weapons against armour when force fired).

Can mortar auto fire range be extended? Unlike other units they don't give away their position when firing, and they tend to be further behind the lines so the whole "whites of their eyes" thing doesn't work so well.

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