I don't get it.

Real time World War II combat simulation
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I don't get it.

Post by Guest » Wed Aug 31, 2005 9:25 am

I read the Help but... I tell units to move and much of the time they just stand there. Tanks seem to move around okay though. Are the hedges getting in the way? I can go the whole game and still have units back on the starting line. When I click on Fire, nothing noticable happens. What's with all the abbreviations? HE? SMG? When I say Fire, the aimer comes up and shows when trees and such are in the way, but a moment later the unit will fire on its own and shoot clear across the screen.

Sean, I love your games, but this one makes no sense. I get Superb on a rating (in the demo) and hae abolutely no idea what I'm doing. Nice work on the other games though, especially MoaB, Slay, and Conquest.

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Post by Andy » Wed Aug 31, 2005 10:46 am

HE - High Explosive (artillery that explodes rather than makes smoke)
SMG - Sub-machine gun (rapid fire, small range, in real life less damage per shot due to smaller rounds)
LMG - Light machine gun (stuff like the gpmg [general purpose machine gun] and the german mg42, small enough to be moved about and carried by one guy, but with a slightly longer range than rifles and rapid fire, rather than single shot, and fed from a magazine, usually a bipod attatched to the front)
HMG - Heavy machine gun (american .30 cal. stuff, packs a bigger punch over a longer distance, can be operated by one guy but usually a 2nd to feed rounds in on a belt for a contant rate of fire. much more bulky, usually with a tripod of some sort that is carried separately)

with guys firing right across the screen despite not being able to shoot past a tree, theyve shot over the tree and wasted the round, bazookas and FGs do it a lot, which gets annoying.

as long as you move the blue line forward and a reasonable distance away from where the squad is, and they arent being shot at, they should usually move, after a short delay
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