AT guns - the ultimate sniper?

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AT guns - the ultimate sniper?

Post by Quitch » Sat Oct 08, 2005 12:07 am

I'm finding in the Russian campaign that the most effective defence revolves around a flamethrower and a couple of powerful AT guns.

You put the flamethrower on the objective so that any tank or infantry that makes it there dies... they always die.

The AT guns, if well placed, should take out the enemy tanks. The tanks always arrive first, the infantry come once that battle is long over.

Now all you need do is make sure you have enough infantry on the frontline to act as spotters, and to keep the enemy in place (either through supression, or more likely, not dying) and then a combination of artillery and pin-point accurate AT shooting does the rest.

ATs are wicked accurate against still infantry. It's scary. Every other shot is a kill. Surely a machine gun should be the most deadly anti-infantry weapon? Not so. While my HMG is busy being supressed because someone shot a single rifle bullet at their brick building (which the loader has once again decided to lie outside of), the AT can sit out of range and pick infantry off at will.


AT Guns

Post by Jon » Sun Oct 09, 2005 11:38 pm

Absolutly! I won a campain by slaughtering the enemy... with a similar tacktic... Except I used Recon units to hold the enemy at bay like you said...
One you have bought a tank (very usefull in defence... once enemy's tranks are destroyed... send your tank out and it will kill infantry in rows...) 2 guns, a flamethrower, and 3 recon units... you credits are used up...
2 tanks out of 5 made it to my hill... destroyed by my flametyhrowr (which was behind a tree)... the infantry were routed... I sent my tank past their lines (behind them... to catch retreating men later on)... anmd my field guns blasted their asses off... themselves killing over 30 men... then when the enemy decided to retreat... they found a tank in their rear... many were killed as they walked past my tank... the rest surrended in droves...
Many say they hate At guns... but actually they just don't use them in the right way...
Final Analysis:
79 enemy killed 16 survived... 22 surrended/injured...
8 my men killed... 2 wounded... 36 survived... 0 surrended

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