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For the future

Post by Quitch » Sat Oct 15, 2005 5:50 pm

Two things I'd like to see in the future (besides networking which I cover in another topic).

1. Multiple sides in one battle. I'd love the challenge of having to work alongside another nation, AI controlled (or player controlled in networking) where I have to try and co-ordinate my actions with them as we push against multiple enemy nations.

Would be pretty interesting to see in action, though would need larger maps, but hey, some of us can run that sort of thing :)

2. "King of the Hill" style objective. Both sides want to capture the battlefield for whatever reason (important factory, village they want, etc.) The objective would start out neutral and be located somewhere along the half-way point of the map. Both sides attack and need to take the objective. Should be pretty simple to code since the AI already understands the idea of taking objectives.

3. "Domination" Okay, I said two, but I like this too. Battle in which you need to take an objective from the enemy while holding onto yours.

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