Enemy ID

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Enemy ID

Post by Andywoolnough » Tue Nov 08, 2005 2:48 pm

I'm sure all you military experts will tell me why this is a silly idea, but is there any chance of prisoner or dead enemy ID, to see what sort of unit he was from? I'm sure in real wars people can see from the shoulder flashes which regisment/division they are up against. In fact, if literature is to be believed, infantry in WW1 used to launch three or four man raids to pinch a soldier from the lines immediatly infront of them to determine which regiment it was and whether they were fresh, in which case an attack was imminent.

Did this happen in WW2? I ask as it would be helpful to know if you were up against the die-hard SS, Volksgrenadiers (with nasty Panzerfausts or shreks for the tanks), US/UK paras etc etc. If one of your guys moves over the enemy dead you get to see what type of unit you're up against and threfore adjust your tactics accordingly. Would that be unrealistic/tricky/utter stoopid?

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Post by Andy » Tue Nov 08, 2005 6:13 pm

great idea, id love it to happen, but methinks it would be tricky to implement, as especially with the germans, the names of the infantry sections are unfamiliar, some sort of graphic would have to be used to show what his squad consisted of.
even if it was just what weapon he had i think it would be useful, i.e. when youve flanked round to the rear of the enemy - is that guy the first guy running away (retreat imminent) or the mortar team thats been sniping your guys??? more directed to te older versions when mortars were stuipid accurate that one, but has anyone else noticed how damned hard it is to find the enemy mortars - ive watched round fired, put a squad there, no one to be seen, only to have one of the bayonneted and the guy who did it magically dissapear again

but whilst we're thinking of absurdly complicated ideas that probably cant be impemented, how about if you took somebody prisoner, they would tell you what theyre orders were (a line would appear similar to how we control squads, but maybe in red??) and if they were higher ranking or had a radio unseen squads locations would be revealed?

brings me to an old point i brought up - how is radio strength determined??? is it the commander, a certain guy or the average position of the squad??
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Post by TheKangaroo » Tue Nov 08, 2005 7:45 pm

Well, a difficulty here sure is, that in Firefight your force can consist of Paratroopers, Mechanized Infantry and regular infantry at the same time. That way you could only get usable information on the one single squad of the prisoner or dead, which you would have encountered before (else there wouldn't be prisoners or dead) so you already had a chance of testing whether or not they got Bazookas, machine guns or whatever...

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Post by Garnier » Wed Nov 09, 2005 2:05 pm

My idea is this: when you take a prisoner, there is a chance that he will leak information in a random quantity to you. Then there would be a enemy forces window that you could open to see all the information compiled into a table. When you walked over dead enemys, you might find what kind of unit they were from, and you'd see they're weapon as well.

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Post by Andywoolnough » Wed Nov 09, 2005 2:24 pm

All good ideas. Perhaps just the basic one would be to see what the unit was, rather than positioning etc. The idea, in my head at least, was that we know a unit is in there somewhere, but I'm hanging back with my light tanks because it's 1945, in Germany and those "old men and boys" of the Volksgrenadiers have anti-tank weapons attached to infantry units. If I know what type of unit it was, just the type, not the specifics, then you could decide on tactics.

If they were SS, you'd know that they were die-hards and probably would take more of a pounding to dislodge them, so you'd move another infantry unit across. It is also more likely that they don't carry anti-tank (well, at least they didn't in the older versions) so you might risk a tank or two to get them out. But if you were fighting Volksgrenadiers, then you know that the chances are you haven't got their fausts/shreks and so might proceed with infantry only.

It might also be a good way to get to know the enemy, which I would have thought any commander would try to do as a campaign wore on - how best to attack at Tiger, that US Sherman's weren't so good at long range duels, British paras were hard b'stards and facist units for the Axis forces were die-hards.

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