Do you still need graphical help on modding ?

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Do you still need graphical help on modding ?

Post by Maitrebongo » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:45 pm

Hello Sean,

I acquired Firefight some time ago on Steam and I like this game which constitutes a good evolution of the series of Close Combat games in my opinion.
I recently looked at the modding possibilities of this game. It seems possible to create new units, new nations, new conflicts ...

By browsing this forum, I saw that what seemed to slow down the creation of new content was that you lacked graphic skills.
I think I can help you in this area. I have a good experience in graphically modding a number of wargames on PC :
- I have made mods for the Heroes of Stalingrad game (Lock 'n' Load Publishing), which you can see here:
- I realized graphic mods for Order of Battle (The aristocrats) that you can see here: ... 74&t=70823
- I realized graphic mods for Steel Panthers (WinSPMBT and WinSPWW2)
- ...

But before I start working on new graphic mods for Firefight I need to have answers to some questions I ask myself :

1- Do you continue to support this game ?

2- Are there people who still play there ?

3- Will you make the necessary changes in the source code so that new weapons, nations can be added ?

Thank you for your answers.

Maitre Bongo

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