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Pirates, Biplanes

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 3:44 am
by Knut
I'd like to play a pirate/Napoleonic-Era Naval game with a top-down perspective, ship or fleet manuevering like with the "blue line" in Firefight, with occasional islands/forts/coasts to replenish/bambard/raid. I could do either a game focusing on a one/a few ships large enough to make out various guns, or a larger number of small ones making up a squadron. Missions could be clear the seas of enemies, raid an island, transport a treasure, etc. Throw in fog, wind directions, and leave the actual "sailing" decisions such as what sails to hoist, etc. to the AI. I think there is a very fun game there.

I'd also like a good top-down WWI aviation game, controling a plane or a aquadron of biplanes on various missions.