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Dungeon game from the past - Sean could bring it to life!

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:24 pm
by Synovio
Hi folks!

My 1st computer was a Radio Shack Color Computer II with 64K memory and ECB (Extended color basic). We referred to it as the "COCOII" and it featured a port on the side for "ROM Pack" cartridges of games and spreadsheets etc.. One of these games was called "Dungeons of Daggorath" and I can tell you - it was fantabulous even for that era.

Well, the payoff to this tale is this: I was searching the web for dungeon games and came upon it. It is a free D/L and I assure you - you will enjoy this game. Bear in mind that with a little tweaking by the right people (Sean), this game could be a money-monster!