So... I have tried to play Command & Conquer Tiberian Su

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So... I have tried to play Command & Conquer Tiberian Su

Post by Perturabo » Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:24 pm

Could someone explain me why people are playing that game and games similar to it?

I mean, what exactly is fun about seeing rocket infantry put tens of rockets into a harvester to destroy it and stuff like that?
What's the fun of having attack bikes and stealth tanks that can't do hit and run attacks because everything takes so many hits to destroy?

And what's the deal with the game scale? What do units represent? Are they single guys? Squads? Platoons? Companies? Battalions? Brigades? Divisions?
In one mission I got attacked by an enemy "division". It turned out to be composed of 25 units. So, it would probably be battalions.
But then there's stuff like Cyborg Command, Mammoth, Umagon, Slavik, etc.
There one guy would be more powerful than a battalion of infantry? It doesn't make sense.
What's going on?

The whole RTS genre is so grotesque...
It's like someone played some old strategic-level wargame and thought:
Wouldn't it be awesome if it would work similarly but would look like a skirmish-level game, so there would be explosions visible?
And if time would pass much faster?
Wouldn't it be awesome?
And if instead of armies/corps/divisions/brigades/whatever there would be bands of giant guys running around in real time?
Wouldn't it be awesome?
And if these giant guys could be one-shot killed by some hot chick?
Wouldn't it be awesome?



Post by DexSmart » Fri May 06, 2011 11:33 am

I personal like Travian. its better then comander..!

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