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Suggested Enhancement

Post by collier » Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:59 pm


I purchased Niggle a few days ago and have become quite addicted so far. I have only one request / suggestion, which is that you might add a feature that enables the user to select different game "profiles". By "profile", I mean how many hands comprise a game, how many cards comprise each hand, and which hands are "no trump" hands.

I say this because the version of "Oh, Hell" that I play with my friends starts with one card, goes all the way up to thirteen cards (which is the one and only one "no trump" hand), and then back down to one card again. So, a game consists of 25 hands.

I've heard about many other variations from other people. So far, your game play "engine" seems very good, but I think some people may be put off if they can't configure the "profile" to match the way they are used to playing. Although I didn't let this difference prevent me from buying the game, I'd prefer to be able to configure the game to play the way I'm used to. I'm guessing the profile thing wouldn't be too hard to implement now that you've already got a good engine.

Perhaps these profiles could be set up in a way that's somewhat similar
to the way you set your starting position in "The General". You could ship a standard set of profiles, but the user could also define new ones.


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Post by Sean OConnor » Thu Oct 19, 2006 1:54 pm

I've added a whole set of pre-configured arrangements to the latest version. You can't change them yourself but there should be a good enough selection there to keep most people happy.

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