It looks like Sean decided to use a commercial BBS package.

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It looks like Sean decided to use a commercial BBS package.

Post by Fusion_power » Fri Sep 03, 2004 2:50 pm

So I'll start things off by explaining a few of the requirements. You can browse the messages as a visitor but can post only if you have registered a username/password and have logged in. :)

There are smilies on the side that can be applied by clicking on the one you want. Sean's selection is limited at this point, maybe we could all suggest some he could import.

You can send private messages to other users by clicking on the icon. This can be very handy.

A moderator can be established for each forum so that someone can revise and/or delete objectionable posts. I personally can't stand those blaring advertisements so this is a welcome feature.

A user can post a poll question that other users answer with automatic tabulation of results. See the section at the bottom of the page. It would be easy to post a poll to see which of Sean's games is most popular.

You can quote other threads by clicking the quote button at the top of the message box. Similarly, you can put text into bold, italic, and underline mode by clicking those buttons.

If you know how, you can post html code such as tables, lists, images, etc. The most useful of the buttons for this is URL which allows you to post links that can be clicked on.

When you have a message ready to post, you can preview it and then submit or you can just click the submit button if you are confident everything is right.

I don't know if Sean has enabled the code but this BBS package supports avatars. If they are enabled, you can upload a thumbnail image that would be posted beside each message you leave. The problem with avatars is that the images consume significant memory so must be kept to a VERY small size.

Enough for now, play around and have fun. I'll post some interesting thoughts about Slay later. I also have some things to put in the Cmass forum.

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Post by birdman187 » Mon Feb 27, 2006 3:28 am

no one cares,
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