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Pocket Conquest, Slay, General & Rats

Post by foxpaw » Thu Apr 26, 2007 5:35 am


I waited a long time before purchasing any of your games for my pocket pc -- a Cingular 8525 (HTC Hermes...aka TyTn) running Windows Mobile 5 -- because I had read/heard that your games we not running properly on the newest WM5 pocket pc devices.

(Handango indicates they are NOT compatible with the Cingular devices -- 8125/8525! MobiHand and Pocket Gear don't offer them at all. And Clickgamer doesn't indicate any compatibility data.)

But, after reading through these forums over the past few days, I decided to give the Pocket PC Games package a try. I am sure glad I did!

All four of your games for the pocket pc (Conquest, Slay, General and Rats) work PERFECTLY on my Cingular 8525/WM5 device. What a pleasant surprise!

I've followed your career/games for the PC since the mid-90s and have the greatest respect for your expertise, talent, devotion to your creations -- and to your customers. But, with a busy career all over the world, family, etc (I think you know the drill!)....there was never enough time to do more than just dabble in Conquest, General and Slay for the desktop PC. Now, these four classics are "in the palm of my hand" on my Cingular 8525!

By the way, Thank You for including Rats as an extra in the Pocket PC Games package! I had not expected that and was utterly delighted at this absolutely wonderful -- and hilarious -- game. Four expertly-crafted -- and supported -- classics for only $40.....definitely a deal!

Thanks again from a recently retired US Naval Officer who finally has time to do the important stuff.....play top-quality games on his pocket pc (and read, read, read.....and travel the world, drinking champagne, sleeping late and not working 20 hours/day!)


Nick Sabalos
CDR, US Navy (Retired) (very recently) :-)

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