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Pocket version bug/exploit

Posted: Sat Jan 01, 2005 9:43 pm
by MortVader
Hi, 1st of all, thanks for a great game! :D

I've found a little bug in the pocket version:

When you tab a unit (peasant, spearman, knight, etc.) but not drag him, he apears in a yellow box in the upperleft corner. This is because, if you dont feel like dragging him to his new position, you can put him down on the new position by tabbing that destination hex afterwards. All nice and well. :)

But I can exploit this to dispand my units, which I think is not intended. If I end turn, while my unit is in the yellow box, he disapears from the game. I nolonger will have to pay his upkeep.

This can come in handy in some situations. But ofcourse I am restricted to dispanding only one unit per turn. :D