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Some requests

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 8:03 pm
by pokeman7452
1: Add more Pocket PC features.
They have become more powerful than the first Win98 computers, yet PocketSlay removes most of the features. Most PPCs can easily handle saving, custom maps. friendly games, and even online play. (I am typing this entire post on my PPC.)

2: Better surrender handling.
Surrendering on the first turn should not count as a loss, especially on PocketSlay where you cannot preview the map. When the opponents offer a surrender, the records should be updated that turn and counted as a win. Right now, the accept or deny surrender message comes down to "Save as new turn record, or use your newly created army to finally whoop their sorry little A**es."

3. More demo islands.
Why does the PPC demo have three islands while the PC demo has one? I am trying to show my friend the game but it's kinda hard with only one island to test. Have the demo on each contain four islands, the first island for each size.

4. Pick color on friendly match.
It is quite annoying to have to keep restarting the same match until I get light green.

5. Custom challenges.
Speaks for itself, they could be saved in the .gam format.

6. Move the hut.
Placing a castle on your hut should move it somewhere else. I hate when my hut is exactly where I want my castle. The new position could be a random position using the territory shape as a seed (to prevent choosing the position using move-undo-move-undo-move...)

7. Show enemy funds.
There is no fog, they can be calculated and kept track of anyway. If I was in charge of this war I would put someone on that job. Perhaps right-click on an enemy hut and a hover message appears?

8. Fix or officialize the delete man glich.
I am sure most PocketSlay users know about ending the turn while holding a man, you even made a warning message for it. This will have to be delt with if PocketSlay will ever support online play. If it should stay, add it to the PC version and allow the computer players to do it. If not, grey out the end turn button while holding a man.

None are intended to sound demanding, sorry if they come across that way. What are your thoughts, Sean?