The bloody fields

Conquer the island
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The bloody fields

Post by TheKangaroo » Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:45 pm

So I was playing island 362 the other day. It took me 51 days to finish, which obviously is obscenely long, but nonetheless I'd like to share the story, for its dramatic tragedy.
At first everything went the way the first moves always go. Setting up a few areas, overall feeling good about the process and then suddenly, because it was late at night, disaster struck in that I overstretched a country and the enemy being quick to exploit my mistake. Long story cut short, I end up with a fairly small area in the southeast, the tan kingdom controls the northeast peninsula to about halfway down the continent and the western half of the continent ends up firmly in the hands of dark green. I'm slowly pushing northward, mostly because I can overcome the defences there rather than the castles to my west, even though it means I'll eventually end up between the two stronger factions. That's why, as soon as I can afford two knights, pierce the green defences and encircle a field in the south, stretching from the first lake to about the center of the continent. The green army stationed there starves and I fill the area as well as I can with peasants, but because of further castles I still only have the original circle as a supply line.
It obviously doesn't suffice and the field changes back to dark green the next day. I circled it again, this time managing to punch another hole in the castle line at the south. No dice, I turn out one knight short and get cut off again. Thus it went back and forth for a good while, each round spawning another two dozens of gravestones until I finally succeed to push into the northern peninsula to earn the money necessary for the attack to hold.
It wasn't quite perfect planning. It wasn't quite successful either. It certainly wasn't the proper way of doing it. But all those gravestones sure made me think a bit.

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Post by Fusion_power » Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:31 am

It is an island that can be won or lost in the first 3 days. I just played it in 17 days with no surrender. I'd guess that is about as optimum a round as can be done.

Gravestones give you a different perspective on war.


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