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Re: Bug in Beta #21

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:44 pm
by Sean OConnor
slay_addicted wrote:Hello Sean,

i just encountered a hang/freeze issue.
While holding a soldier in hand to place it somewhere my screen went dark and Java asked for admin-rights.
Slay doesn't use Java so I can only guess that some other app running in your background caused that problem. But, that will have caused Slay to lose its hold over DirectX so you'd need to quit the Slay app and restart it. The same thing happens if your laptop goes to sleep. I never figured out how to cater for that!

Re: Beta version of new Slay ready for testing!

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:46 pm
by Sean OConnor
Fusion_power wrote:The beta version is expired Sean. Do you have a permanent update ready to go?

Sorry! I've been away from my Windows programming for so long I'd forgotten that was going to happen!

I've created another .exe which you can install from the same link:

which won't "expire" for another 2 years. Hopefully by then I'll have gotten round to releasing it.....