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Gallery of Themes

Post by DinosaurNothlit » Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:21 am

Hi, everybody! I'm new around here, but I've been playing Slay for a while now. It's addicting. Not only for the strategy, but also because I'm something of a sprite artist (not the best there is, of course, but I consider myself decent at it), so the potential for customizing this game struck me right away.

So, I've got a lot of themes to post, because I've obviously had waaay too much free time lately. Fourteen themes done so far, and I've still got, let's see, nine more planned out that I intend eventually to finish. That depends on how long my muse sticks around this time, though.

First off, we have three Animorphs themes. One for the aliens, one for the Animorphs themselves, and one of miscellaneous things (including my own theory about what human spacecraft based on Andalite technology might look like, and a tumbleweed for a gravestone which is not actually from the books at all). Those of you who've read the books, see if you can identify which planet each vegetation set comes from! Hint: the last one isn't Earth. ... orphs1.jpg ... orphs2.jpg ... nimisc.jpg

Then, we have nine sets of various prehistoric creatures. Marine vertebrates, invertebrates, flying species, and no less than four sets of dinosaurs! Had to separate the Ornithischians into 'Bipeds' and 'Quadrupeds' since Ornithischians are way too varied to do it any other way (and, yes, I'm aware that two of the 'bipeds' are actually on all fours, but they still count because they could stand on two legs if they wanted to). I started running out of things to do for capitals and castles (and I didn't want to re-use anything because I'm weird that way), so I borrowed a few ideas from Jurassic Park and Dinotopia. See if you can spot which sets those are. ... Bipeds.jpg ... Flying.jpg ... IceAge.jpg ... brates.jpg ... Marine.jpg ... ermian.jpg ... rupeds.jpg ... ropods.jpg ... ropods.jpg

Finally, a couple of Dragon Cave sets, mostly because my sister is a big fan of Dragon Cave. Not really much to say about these. ... oncave.jpg ... ncave2.jpg

So, there you have it. Feel free to edit these on your own, in fact they're intended to be mixed and matched (just remember that you have to match the shadows too).

COMING SOON (IN THEORY, AT LEAST): Doctor Who (x3), My Little Pony (x2), and elemental beings of my own invention (x4)

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to mention copyrights. Animorphs is copyright Scholastic, Dinotopia is copyright James Gurney, Jurassic Park is copyright Steven Spielburg/Michael Crichton, and Dragon Cave is copyright T.J. Lipscomb (and the various artists who drew the individual dragons, none of which are me). Dinosaurs are copyright God, I suppose. And, preemptively, Doctor Who is copyright BBC, and My Little Pony is copyright Hasbro. The upcoming elemental beings of my own creation, though? Those actually are copyright me!

Plz don't sue me for forgetting to mention all that before.

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