Slay on Android Bugreporting and question

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Slay on Android Bugreporting and question

Post by ika » Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:50 pm

First of all: Thanks for bringing slay on android!
I downloaded a few weeks ago and played a lot since then.

Nevertheless a few things that I'd like to report:
- "Stay" instead of "Slay" in the midgame phase: the intelligence is less powerfull than I was used from the PC version. I deleted slay by accident a few years ago on my PC but played so much that I am pretty much sure:
On PC it was possible to loose a game. On Android version (level: very hard) I can be "under water" in > 20th move and still recover and win the game from there.
Under water means only one green land left with about 7 fields and covered by one tower.
In the PC version I was used that one enemy was big enough to roll over. On android I do not see anyone of the enemies becoming powerfull. In the "midgame", when landscape is "consolidated" and covered by towers, they mostly do not know what to do and stay. All are waiting for me to win.
- Games not saving: Since purchase I played more than the available games (especially the harder levels). But still many of the islands are showing unplayed. I looks like as if the max number of island's win statstic is limited or slay looses parts of its memory by accident.
- I have several island that are finished (every single field is green) and no win notice coming. End turn does not work neither. Maybe it is island specific? One island is "kaboo".
My hardware is a galaxy s3 (with android 4.1 version since two days)

Questions: I guess this game will get further maintainence for the future. Do I get the update notifications automatically like for my other software?

btw. I will recommend this game to friends.

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Re: Slay on Android Bugreporting and question

Post by frax » Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:43 am

Love, it seems to work fine!

One major thing - please make it possible to move the game to SD - it is huge and takes up a significant chunk of memory!

Other than that - multiplayer would be nice, and I miss the auto-move function from the WM version!

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