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map discussion: Xsips (set 3, page 3)

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 9:24 pm
by rhaining
This message contains spoilers for one way to beat Xsips (set 03, page 03, map 05).

Xsips gave me a bit of trouble. I finally figured out how to beat it, and I happened to save screenshots. Here is my position immediately before ending each of my turns:

This is what worked for me, at a high level. I joined both northern bases into 1 base, and both SW bases into 1 base, but I joined both on turn 2, not turn 1. I had to experiment several times to find a way to keep the SW base alive, which involved having 2x L1 grunts on turn 4 then merging them into a L2 spearman on turn 5. The spearman played defense forever after until he was eventually rescued and relieved from another base. The key was moving aggressively southward from the joined northern bases, first to hook up with a central base that was so small it couldn’t make a troop on turn 1 and it usually got crushed by brown quickly in most of my games. But by rushing southward from the northern combined base, I was able to save that area. Then I continued my push southward to join up with the southern base. After that, it was a matter of choosing who to starve and when, and it become more straightforward.