map discussion: Clamshell (set 2, page 10, map 20)

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map discussion: Clamshell (set 2, page 10, map 20)

Post by rhaining » Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:40 pm

This post contains spoilers for map Clamshell (set 2, page 10, map 20).

Not sure why this map gave me so much trouble earlier. I failed it many times before moving on. But now when I came back to it, it was pretty straightforward. Since I saved screenshots, I’ll go ahead and post them.

I failed to find a way to save my SW base. Seems like you should be able to save it somehow. But I was able to win without it. The key was to push aggressively to join my NE and SE bases ASAP along the easternmost connecting bridge, which I was able to do on turn 6 but only by “wastefully” using an extra L2 spearman to destroy an L1 grunt on a single hex. I starved some dark green troops on turn 3 and left myself open to counter-destruction on his turn 3, but because he was able to expand into 2 hexes with his 2 L1 grunts, he did that rather than merge them into an L2 spearman to destroy one of my units and reconnect to more dark green territory. That was a fatal mistake for dark green.

After some tree clean up, by turn 9, I was about 40% the size of the leader (light brown). On turn 12, light brown made a big mistake and I starved the bulk of his forces. He responded with an even bigger mistake of making an L4 super knight. I responded by aggressively taking as much light brown territory as I could every turn, making sure to leave nothing more valuable for that L4 super knight to kill than an L1 grunt protected by an L3 knight. I was able to grow basically unimpeded until I finally starved his L4 super knight on turn 17. He never built another one after that so he was able to afford plenty of smaller material to make decent gains. But by then it was too late. I was the largest player on the map and growing easily, and the AI offered surrender on turn 21.

WHICH I ACCIDENTALLY ACCEPTED. Bah, I hate it when that happens. I’ve done that exactly 5 times so far, but I didn’t write down which 4 other maps have “incorrect” final scores. I really wish Slay kept track of the surrender turn and the total victory turn separately!

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