map discussion: Elvis (set 2, page 4, map 19)

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map discussion: Elvis (set 2, page 4, map 19)

Post by rhaining » Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:34 am

This post has spoilers for one way to beat this map. As usual, it’s probably not the fastest solution.


In an earlier attempt at this map, I lost my N base almost right away, but this somehow lead other players to keep yellow in check a bit better, and in turn I was growing very well from my combined bases in the SE leg. Then I made a dumb mistake and lost the map and had to start over from scratch. (There is no way to go back to a previous turn in the iPad version.) I wonder if the map could be solved faster by losing the N base early on!

In this run, I kept the N base alive until turn 6, and I was convinced I would never lose it, when yellow made a surprise move and upgraded to an L3 knight before I thought he was capable of doing so, and he used it to kill my castle and starve my L2 spearman. I’ll have to think about my AI model a bit more. In any case, now, with my N base demolished, I struggled against yellow from my combined bases in the SE leg. I was able to pull it off though.

(I assume the fastest solution to this map involves never losing the N base, neither early nor late, but maybe finding a way to starve yellow troops around turns 5-8 or manipulate other players into doing so.)

My strategy was to aggressively merge the 2 bases in the SE leg almost as fast as possible and definitely before any players in between upgrade to L2 spearmen or build castles. The route I used involved destroying light brown’s 4-hex base with a single move by an L2 spearman, which seems pretty efficient. Now I have substantial control of the SE leg, but yellow is larger owning most of the SW leg and body, so I plant an L2 spearman one hex in from the border to make my leg look unappealing and manipulate yellow into overextending himself to the N. In the meantime, I use my other troops to cull one of the players in the SE toe. (You can very often leave the AI with a 3-hex base with an L1 grunt on it, which is fantastic. So long as he is too scared of your L2 spearman to expand, that base will be effectively crippled for a very, very long time and you can digest it at leisure.)

On turn 10, I start making my way into yellow’s territory, with L1 grunts in the front protected by L2 spearmen, so he can only destroy one of my L1 grunts. But he’s still happier cleaning up the remains of my N base, so I keep growing from the leg until I’m able to do a mass starvation on turn 12. It’s straightforward after that.

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