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map discussion: Pele (set 2, page 5, map 20)

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:57 am
by rhaining
Here’s a solution to Pele (set 2, page 5, map 20) on the hardest setting. Screenshots immediately before ending each turns:

I did not enjoy this map at all. I could not find a way to beat it with superior strategy. Instead, I basically brute forced it. I tried several variations until one seemed slightly viable and carried on with that until I got crushed. Then I would vary the last several turns of that previous path to see if I could extend it a bit. Usually the variations were worse and I had to restart, again. Occasionally, the variations allowed me to survive a few more turns. Rinse and repeat many, many times, until I finally found a way to make it all the way through the map. AI offered surrender on turn 38, final victory on turn 51. Yuck.

I never found a way to save my fledgling bases that started with trees on them (one in the center, one in the west, both of which start with 5 gold instead of 9). It was so frustrating to see the taxes accumulate in them with no way to buy anything, and no way to escape destruction by the oncoming AI players. Maybe another play variant could save one or both of them and also lead to victory, but if so, I am not replaying this map to find it!

In case you want a little hint without looking at the full solution steps, here’s something I found helpful. Build a castle in the north base on turn 4 and just wait, and don’t worry if you eventually lose that base too. You can ultimately win the map with just the main center base. In that base, buy an L1 grunt on turn 1 and take the hex furthest west. Then on turn 2, use the L1 grunt to take a light green fir tree, not a light green empty hex. This proved very helpful later, when I eventually upgraded to an L2 spearman and used it to guard my town hall for several turns and eventually take every hex around my town hall. Most paths lead to failure, but at least one doesn’t. Good luck! And if you do find an alternate solution, preferably one that’s much faster and cleaner, please post it!

Re: map discussion: Pele (set 2, page 5, map 20)

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 7:49 pm
by afhole
You absolute legend!
This had me stumped until now, managed with no surrender in 42 days.
I think I deviated around here:
I ended up with Brown getting a castle, which prevented me from splitting their territory on the left, but Dark Green broke through from the right and killed it for me! I think Light Green then cut Dark Green off after that, killing the knight.

I never thought I'd finish Pele. Next stop Mary Poppins...

Re: map discussion: Pele (set 2, page 5, map 20)

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 7:10 am
by rhaining
Nice job, and glad I could help!