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map discussion: Scooter (set 2, page 18, map 11)

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:02 am
by rhaining
Here’s a solution to Scooter (set 2, page 18, map 11):

I was able to keep my east base alive for a very long time, balancing 3 different, larger AI players against one another, but I eventually did lose it. I suspect there’s a faster/better solution that involves never losing the east base. But I found a way to gain supremacy in the west half of the scooter and won the map from there. My method involved pushing hard to join bases to the north, leaving my town hall in the north, then pushing hard to join to another small base on the SW. I also tried to deny yellow taxes as much as possible, and at one point yellow made a major mistake allowing me to starve a large army with a single L1 grunt.