Android Map Difficulty

Conquer the island
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Android Map Difficulty

Post by WhiteHalmos » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:48 am

Are the AIs for all the Very Hard maps the same? The maps themselves seem to have varying difficulties. I can't seem to find some maps referenced here, perhaps they only exist on the PC version.

Hope more maps are released for Android. :D

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Re: Android Map Difficulty

Post by Randalltbartel » Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:13 pm

The Google Maps app is back again with a fresh update and this one is inspiring. As far as live features go there are some changes linked to routing that will help. Its keep maps leaning north even with accidental swipes. A teardown also shows that Google is planning to give advice about parking at unlike spots. The Local Guides can look forward to status signs for edits. And finally there is proof telling the return of Launcher Shortcuts.
The routing settings screen may contain the only right able to be seen change in this release. The Tilt map toggle that has been around for nearly two years has been replaced by a new setting called keep map north up. In spite of its unlucky rather confusing name. It seems to serve a very simple function to force routing mode to launch. The compass locked so that North is pointing up. If left disabled map revolving will be in free turning round mode. This setting is mainly applicable to the next and allied feature.
If you are mishandling with Google Maps while you are driving something we all know you shouldn't be doing. It can be easy to brush the screen the wrong way and end up with a useless view that contains neither you nor your route. About this time the re-center button pops up to save the day. The makers at Google knew this was an issue. Now added the accidental swipe protection to the map. Now there's a new trick that makes the accidental swipe guard even more resilient. The animation above shows accidental rotation is now also confined. As long as the map compass is in north is up mode fast 2 finger gestures that cause going round of the map. It will adjust back to the normal course. This will help with those moments.

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