More human-like AI needed

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More human-like AI needed

Post by w0qj » Sat Aug 12, 2006 5:22 pm

Hi, I'm actually asking Sean for Win'Vista upgrade policy, and seriously considering to purchase the US$40 bundle (all Windows games).

Anyways, here's my question on the Trial version of Conquest:

The computer AI needs to be more intelligent, more human-like.

Specifically, the AI needs to aim for dominating one contenient at a time for bonus armies, and to prevent human players from doing the same.

I've read many postings on this forum, arguing that if the computer AI takes over a complete continent, it would become the common target of all other adjacent oponents so it's not worth it.

Well, I've taken over Australia & Asia (total of "9" extra armies each turn!!). [AI Level: "very clever. Is this the smartest leven??]
I've set up all my armies at my only 3 border countries: Middle East, Ukraine, and Alaska.

As all my armies are concentrated on these 3 border countries, the AI don't even dare to attack my defending choke points.
So now I have 100+ armies on EACH of these 3 countries (not counting my secondary armies roaming around Europe & North America).

A total of 15-16 armies EACH turn.

BUT the AI don't even dare to attack me, despite my gathering a total of 15-16 armies EACH turn.

Any human player can see that I've taken over 40% of the world, and with 15-16 armies EACH turn and conserving these for future attacks, it would be suicide to wait until I attack them...

Any comments?

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Post by stub » Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:05 am

I agree.

Even when I'm having a bad game, if I see a computer player starting to take over a large percentage of the map I will constantly attack them in order to stop them from gaining continents.

I regards to more human AI though, through A LOT of conquest play, a have discovered that the AI has two main methods of deciding who to attack:

a) if you gain a continent and are weak, they will attack so that you lose the continent. If you are strong they will look elsewhere.

b) However, if no players own a continent, the computer will attack the weakest territory they can, WITHOUT EXCLUSION.

Obviously if you have no ground to gain, but only need a card, you will attack the territory with the least troops.

However, the computer will always do this, oblivious to any gains you or they may be making.

I use this knowledge against the computer nearly every game. If you surround them with strong territories, and purposely leave one weak, they will always attack it. In many situations you can own 90% of the map and the remaining two computer opponents will kill each other rather than working together to defeat you!

Code should be inserted so that if you own say 30% of territories, or the largest number of armies, the computer players will gang up on you till they pull you back down to their level.

This would make winning games a lot harder and games would go on forever, just the way I like it, makes it much more satisfying when you win!

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Post by ima_gnu » Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:34 pm

lol, keeping in mind that the graphs don't record past turn 200. That was a bummer, I had a game in which I just -couldnt- pull ahead, it lasted a bit over 400 turns before I finally ended it....and the graphs had stopped recording halfway!
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