batch file for saving and restore games

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batch file for saving and restore games

Post by likewelike » Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:00 pm

I made a little batch file for saving and restoring games

copy the code below and save it as (for example) conbatch.bat in your conquest directory

you can make a link (or 2 - 4) in windows to the conbatch.bat; as target type: "C:\play\Conquest\conbatch.bat S" where "C:\play\Conquest" is yor conquest directory, "S" is the switch (I don't know if this is the correct translation) for save, "D" for delete, "I" for info, "R" for restore; "D" will delete all saved games !!!!

How to use:

leave conquest before a critical situation (you will conquer with 1 army against 1.000) and save the game with switch "S" (you have to type in a number, f.e. 1 and the game will be saved as #1). If you decide to restore, leave conquest, call the .bat with switch "R" type in "1" and try the 1:1.000 once more.

Questions: just mail



IF "%1"=="I" goto info-listen

IF "%1"=="D" goto deleten

dir xs*.dat /OD

set /p nummer=Nummer der Sicherung eingeben:
echo %nummer%

set option="xOptions%nummer%.dat"
set savgam="xSavedGame%nummer%.dat"

del Savedgame0.dat
Del Options0.dat
copy Options.dat,Options0.dat
copy SavedGame.dat,Savedgame0.dat

IF "%1"=="S" goto saven

IF "%1"=="R" goto restoren

echo wie denn jetzt

goto ende


dir xs*.dat /OD


goto ende


echo Sicherung

del %option%
del %savgam%
copy Options.dat,%option%
copy SavedGame.dat,%savgam%
goto ende


echo Ruecksichern

del SavedGame.dat
del Options.dat
copy %option%,Options.dat
copy %savgam%,SavedGame.dat
goto ende


echo Loeschen
echo wirklich loeschen ??

del x*.*



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