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Card Rules

Post by domination69 » Tue Mar 01, 2005 11:28 pm

I think it would help a lot if a few more rules could be added to the rules options for cards.

1. When you take someone over and get their cards, you can't use them until the next turn. I think this option would help a lot, as this is how I've always played the risk board game. Without this rule, if someone is powerful and takes someone over, they hand in cards that turn and just get even more powerful. I never thought this made a lot of sense. An option to change this would be cool.

2. The card option for turning in cards until a limit should be adjustable. I believe the limit now is somewhere around twenty. I like it high above that, but limitless gets out of control when people hand in cards and get over 100 guys. If you could pick the limit yourself I think that would be really cool.

Keep up the good work Sean! -Jeff
-Jeff S

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