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AI improvement

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2004 8:15 pm
I have noticed that in many cases I have won through "loop-holes" in the computer's AI.

For instance, the computer almost always decided to capture the easiest territory possible, even on hard mode. But then, often, it will move away all but two pieces, and the next computer play just captures that. A loophole is created, and the computer will often keep playing with that loophole for over a hundred turns. Maybe the computer could distribute its men more evenly for this, or maybe wait to attack until its army is stronger.

Another thing is that the computer will send all of its men to the front, leaving no one behind. I have been able to beat the computer this way by taking out its main army, then slicing through the empty territories with ease. Maybe it should be in the computer's AI to hold back a few men, in case something like that happens.