Enhancements to Pocket PC version

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Enhancements to Pocket PC version

Post by brenth » Tue Nov 02, 2004 1:52 am

1. We need a way to go back if we inadvertently hit "Finish Attacks". Sometimes I think I only press once, but my stylus taps twice and I am hosed.

2. You NEED to program the auto-dice roll feature to stop automatically if after 3 rolls (or whatever threshhold is set in the options) you have lost everytime and the opponent has lost no armies. This would be courtesy to your human players who would like to be as fast as the computer but just can't do it.

3. I would like to suggest using a slider control to say how many armies to leave behind. You could put how many will be left behind on one side and how many will be moved to the new territory on the other side. That way there is less math to do in our heads during the play. And also, many times our choice of how many armies to leave behind is not one of the choices you give us.

4. Possibly a way to save a game in progress, so we can try something and if it doesn't work, just load up the game at the saved point again.


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