New Dogfight

Command a squadron of spaceships
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New Dogfight

Post by Legacy » Wed Mar 28, 2007 5:52 pm

Brings up a dialog that allows you to select any ship for yourself, in any price range. On the other side of the dialog you select any ship to be your opponent. You start out facing your opponent, far enough across space that you can't see him. Last man standing wins.

1: Sounds really fun to me...
2: Test ships easily.

You could also set up a mirror match mode where you select your ship and the opponent gets the same one and then, since all things are equal, you can keep a running top 5 or so for Time to Kill.

Perhaps this could be expanded to the squadron level, to allow for a more realistic simulation of your ship's combat performance. Since turrets, hospital ships, etc are also listed as ships in the editor, I'd presume you could select a mix as enemies to play against different types of targets.

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