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Very Happy and Other Ramblings

Post by Styro » Wed Dec 22, 2004 3:25 pm

I really like a lot of the changes made with the new version. I have played through about 20 pilots now. Most of them never made it past 4 missions, but then I had one survive to 6, another survived to 8, and my current pilot has broken the 20 mark (yea!).

Here are some of my observations:

I agree that putting a lot of work into a pilot and having him die in a freak blast is annoying, but I love the tension and suspense it creates - not knowing if you will survive the next mission. I don't really know what you could replace it with that would keep the fear of dying except perhaps revive the pilot with half cash or something. Maybe have an option for revival (with a loss of rank, money, etc) or iron-man mode that would be noted in the high-score list. That would appease both camps. Having a really experienced pilot almost makes me not want to play because I do not want to get him killed, but I just can't stop playing anyway. I found it similar to Nethack - once I started playing without save and restore I got killed a lot until I adjusted my tactics. Then within a month I finished the game. Now that I am catching onto the strategies of this game I am lasting longer. It also is sometimes just luck early on - even with your own ships - because you just cannot afford a lot of shields, etc. Once I could afford ships in the 130 range, though, I can buy some of my nice custom ships with decent shields and repair pods. Now that I have a nice ship in the 150 range, I almost feel invincible compared to those earlier death-traps. :)

I like having random ships show up in the list. At first I wondered what my motivation was for keeping my ships alive and waiting to hyperspace instead of just ejecting since I just got the money back for them anyway. Now that I have a couple of my really nice custom ships I REALLY do not want to lose them.

For my playing style, turning ability is everything. My line of custom ships have a turing rating of 65 - 69, which allows me to out-manouver most missiles fired at me - especially the heavy-hitters. When I am hit, it is generally because I am surrounded by missiles (like the planet assault mission) or from friendly fire when I go in front of a wingman.

Some questions:
Is there a way to determine how many ship components will be destroyed by each missile type? I would like to make educated guesses when I am trying to decide if my ship is likely to withstand the impact of a nearby missile, or if I should eject.

Is there any adjustment to how much money you get from a mission based on how well you do, or is it a flat amount for success? (I really haven't payed attention).

It would be nice to have the mission goal screen tell you if you have successfully completed it already. For example in the blow up [somethings] missions, I am sometimes losing horribly, but manage to get through the enemy ships and blow up the targets and want to hyperspace away. There is no way to tell if I have gotten them all (that I can see). It would also be nice on those missions to have primary goals (destroy radars) and secondary (destroy or chase off all enemy ships).

Is there a way to see all of my current pilot's statistics (like are displayed on the high score list)? The mission success rate, in particular, I cannot figure out how to see.

I do not imagine there is any advantage to keeping wingmen alive (other than keeping their ships if they are good ones). How difficult would it be to give them a small bonus each time they earn a medal or get a kill and then have a way to see which medals they have when you select them so you know which are experienced?
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Post by McLauren » Sun Dec 26, 2004 2:22 am

For the missile impact thing, I just eject when anything bigger than a daycorn is going to hit me where I have no shields. unless im like in the crap area where there are tons of ships and missiles, then ejecting is worse than staying in the blasted ship!

I think that you only get a cetain amount of credits no matter how well you do. I wish that wasnt the case. Would be great if it was based on the total worth of the ships youve destroyed. That would justify why the AI swarms ejected ships like a pack of rabid hiyenas, destroying any freindly clueless enough to get in the way.

The other things im not really qualified to answer.

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