What are the rules?

Command a squadron of spaceships
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What are the rules?

Post by Flipper » Fri Mar 28, 2008 5:31 pm

Ok, is there a complete list of rules?

what is the amount you earn for each mission, medal.
What ar e the requisites for obtaining a medal?
Do wingman medals add to credits?

What are the stipulations that decide which ships will propogate the pick list? I hate not getting an "eye". or getting 3 or 4 of one ship that I hate and none of what I want. If I knew what determines what, I might be able to make better decisions.

I heard the 1/3 credit rule and if you are in a crappy ship and kill a much better ship then you get better medal. My question is where did these rules get found, or was it just trial and error, or did Sean let something slip?

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Post by umeboshi110 » Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:58 pm

there might not be one place with all explanations. you get some credits for succeeding, you get some credits based on the medal you get. too lazy to check how much. wingman medals don't count for anything. the medal you get depends on the total credits of enemy ships (the moving combat ones, the others count for much less or not at all) destroyed compared to the cost of your ship. it's like double for a gold cross. accuracy also counts to some degree. i guess we just found out about the medals through playing lots (not that it really matters...)
i think the ships that appear are pretty much random. you can get up to 3 of any particular ship available, and the costs are fairly dispersed.
EDIT: oh yeah, i forgot what ejecting or escaping does to the medal, and killing one of your own guys is very bad
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