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Wing Commander

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:20 pm
by Sketchy
I made a couple of the ships from Wing Commander.
It's a bit difficult to know how to equip them, as WC ships pretty much only use guns.

Image ... lic/

I'm thinking I may try and make a "total conversion", and replace all the ships and missions in the game.

Can you have Critical Mass installed twice on the same system or does it mess things up? (like if both try to write to the registry or something). I'd like to be able to edit the files in one version and leave the rest as normal, so I never have to be copying files etc.

Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:32 pm
by Fusion_power
You can only run one version of CM on a single machine. It writes to registry and maintains a link that must match.

You can still do a ship replacement. Just build a new Designs.dat file with the ships you want to be in it, but you must include the names of the ships that are presently in the designs.dat file. This is because some of the names of the ships are hard coded in the missions such that for example the protect crippled ship mission only selects from certain ships such as the warrior to be the crippled ship. Also, you would mess up the starbase, turrets, etc.

My suggestion would be to keep the ship designs that Sean set up and add new ships on the end of the file. There are about 82 ships in the existing designs file. If you take out the separators between ship classes, you can add about 20 new ships of your own design. Also, there is nothing to prevent your redesigning Sean's ships so long as you keep the name.

One warning, be careful about switching between different design files if you have an existing commander who already has certain ships in his inventory. This can lead to glitches in the system.


Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:43 pm
by Sketchy
Thanks a lot for the Help - I really appreciate it.

It's a little inconvenient that you can only install CM once, but it'll be ok.

I want to replace (including names) or remove *all* the original fighter ships, because they look completely different, and it would be weird to have a mix of Warriors and Dralthi for example. It shouldn't be a problem if I edit the missions as well should it?

I'm less concerned about the civilian ships - they can keep the original names if need be, but I'd like to change their graphics to match the rest.

Is it possible to edit missiles in any way?
Are any of the other parts of the game accessible - eg. medal graphics and names?